"My Greece" with Despoina Vandi | Backstage Photoshooting in Santorini

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Take a look at the backstage photo shooting that our photographer, Joanna Fotopoulou, did of the OPEN TV's show "My Greece" with Despoina Vandi.
Making a travelogue in Santorini, Despoina Vandi shows us the beauty of the island, meets new people and discovers traditional recipes.
Beside her, you'll see the famous chef, Vaggelis Driskas, and her director, Kostas Kapetanidis.
Summer is here and what's better than blue skies and crystal clear seas! Don't miss the worldwide known Santorini sunset, that is as beautiful as Despoina.
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Dining Venue: Andronis Luxury Suites Santorini | Cooking venue: Sophia Luxury Suites


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